I ran a group buy on a handful of ecu connectors. I kept one for myself and sold off the rest. These will be used to make my own jumper harness to make a PnP install without repinning the OEM harnesses. 

I used 18awg and 20awg wires, depending on which pin it was for. In this picture I crimped on the terminals onto the wire and put them in the connectors. I used a multimeter here to check continuity. So far so good.

Here I soldered on all the wires onto the female receptable terminals and used heatshrink to cover the connections.

Here is the completed jumper harness. I pinned it straight through for testing purposes. I hooked it up to my car and it worked flawlessly. It will be repinned shortly to run a Gen3 3SGTE ECU with my '91 harnesses.

Here are the rest of the parts for a gen3 EFI conversion.

  • Gen3 ECU (PN: 89661-17460)
  • Igniter (PN: 89621-26010)
  • MAT Sensor (PN: 89424-24010)
  • MAP Sensor (PN: 89420-17050)
  • Gen3 540cc/min Injectors
  • Vip09 MAT Plate
  • 3" to 6" Velocity Stack
  • 6" Air Filter

To Be Continued...
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