I ordered some -8 Rail Extrusion from RMR. I have enough material here to build 5 rails. However the $130 special injector drill bit was missing from my order. I've contacted Scott from RMR and hopefully we can get this all squared away so I can get to work on my DIY TFFR.

RMR sent me the injector port tool when I called about the mistake to my order, which came in the mail as well as an Aeromotive 13101 Fuel Pressure Regulator. It was bought used and came with an autometer FP gauge and about 6 ft. of -4 AN line. The gauge is being sold, and the -4 line will be used for my Tial Wastegate instead.

I used a drill press to use the injector drill bit and drilled up the injector holes.

I tapped the inlet and outlet holes with a -8 tap and chamfered the edges with a grinding stone to use a -8 ORB fitting. You need to chamfer the hole so the o-ring doesn't get cut on the edge when you tighten down the fitting.

I put some sand paper on an electrical pick to deburr the insides of the fuel rail bore.

Here is what it loosk like after deburring and cleaning.

Next, I cut off the ends of an oem fuel rail to use as my adapters. Since the 3SGTE uses sidefeeds stock, you need something to adapt the top feed injector to the injector bosses in the head.

I took a 3/8" grommet and cut them in half. These will be used as the o-rings to seal the injector to the adapter cups. These will only be sealing air, so the neoprene grommets found at Lowes is fine.

As you can see, it fits great inside the adapter cup as well.

Time for mock up. Here is the rail installed with adapter cups.

Then I bent up some L brackets out of 1/8" x 1" aluminum stock, also available at Lowes. The large hole is 7/16", the smaller is #21. I will be reusing the stock (but shortened) bolts that hold the rail to head, and two 10-32NF cap head bolts to bolt it to the fuel rail.

Measure and drill it into the rail. Now you are done and ready for a high HP fuel system!

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